Stacey and Elise's smiling faces are what you will see on audition day.  Auditions are closed- it's just you, telling us your story.  No pressure, no stress, just listening ears and open hearts.

Audition FAQs:

Who can Audition?

Anyone.  And yes, that means you.  Men, women, those who identify as either or neither, childless, a houseful of toddlers, raised by wolves, young, old, you name it.  If you had a mother you can audition.

How do I sign up to audition?

Send an email to and let us know that you would like to audition, or fill out the audition request form.  Boom.  Done.

What should I do to prepare for auditions?

Write!  Write a story about mothering or motherhood that includes the following parameters:

  • Has some facet of mothers, mothering or motherhood as a central theme

  • Is five minutes or less when read aloud

  • Is true - not only in that it is non-fiction but also in the sense that it is true to YOU, yourself and your story.

Once your story is on the page, read it out loud for a few different people.  Ask them for feedback and make needed changes.

What should I expect on Audition Day?

We will let you know in the weeks before auditions where we will be holding them.  Plan to arrive about ten minutes early to have a seat in our waiting space, take a sip of water and some deep breaths.  We will come and get you when we are ready to hear your piece (and we almost always manage to stick closely to our schedule).  Auditions are in a private room where it will be just the three of us.  We will introduce ourselves and talk a little about the audition process, and then we will listen to your essay.  You can sit or stand.  You don't need to memorize, or "act," or do anything other than read.  And ten minutes later you're done!

Any insider-tips for writing a killer essay?

Yes, a few, although casting each year varies as it depends on the pieces we hear at auditions and how they fit together to take the audience on an emotional and narrative journey.  

  • Give your story a thread. The thread of your essay is the reoccurring theme. It ties your story together from beginning to end.

  • Give us the real *real* low down. We want the nitty gritty, not the pretty pretty. We want how you REALLY feel, not what you think people want to hear. We want the details that make your story meaningful to you. The part that gives you a lump in your throat or a laugh in your belly. The part you're not sure you can say out loud.

  • Bring the funny. We need ALL types of stories to make LTYM a powerful emotional journey for the audience and when casting we take into consideration the genre of the writing. Is it sad? Funny? Poignant? Is it the story of a happy memory? Is it a birth story or a death story? We can only cast one or two pieces from each category and the category with the fewest auditions every year is humor. Crack us up! Speak to a universal truth in a new and hilarious way. Audition with a hilarious, laugh-out-loud piece and you compete against fewer essays and making everyone laugh at the same time. It's a win-win.