Whole Body Medi Spa

When we say LTYM Spokane would not be possible without the support of the local companies who step up to sponsor us, we mean it. Like, no theater, no programs, no nothing. It means so much to us financially and fundamentally to have our sponsors believe in our show, our cast and our audience. Upcoming blogposts will highlight some of these businesses and companies. If you are in the market for one of their services please consider supporting them and know that in doing so you are supporting LTYM, too.

When you meet Whole Body’s founder Kendra Johnson it is immediately clear that you are in kind, competent hands. She delivers babies as a midwife, moms two tweenagers, founded and sees clients at Whole Body, and is an all around lovely woman. Not to mention, she has some of the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. Not beautiful because she does an amazing job with her makeup, beautiful as in no makeup, soft glow, smooth and even and lovely.

Kendra founded Whole Body Medi Spa because she is passionate about helping people look and feel their best, and the services she offers reflect that. From medical weight loss to waxing, IV therapy to laser hair removal, her beautiful South Hill office has it all.

Stacey and I got to spend a morning at Whole Body experiencing a few of the different treatments on offer and we can promise you they do not disappoint! Stacey had a Hydrating Facial with Kaulana McFee and when we got in the car afterwards her face looked like she had just come in from a long walk along a beach with the sea mist drenching her skin.

I was lucky enough to experience the Clear & Brilliant laser treatment and, um, YES PLEASE! The treatment evens skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles (of which I have a few) and makes your skin glow. Kendra did my treatment and was so careful and competent, it was a delight. I was worried that (1) it would hurt and (2) I would look like a tomato for a week, but neither of my fears were realized. Kendra used a numbing cream so that the laser felt like a sunburn - a little uncomfortable at times but nowhere close to unbearable. The picture above is from just before (with numbing cream) and just after and while I got a little more red throughout the day it never looked like anything more than a post-workout red face and was gone by the next day. According to Kendra, the best results come from 3-4 treatments and you can bet I will be back for my second round next month.

Whole Body Medi Spa is GIVING AWAY a Clear and Brilliant Laser treatment (valued at $350) to a LTYM fan - check out our facebook page for details - the winner will be announced at the show- yet another reason to get your tickets. To enter you can like their facebook page and follow them in Instagram.

Thank you Whole Body!


Audition day was a magical day, just as it is every year. The courage of the thirty plus people who walked into that room and shared their deepest thoughts with us blew us away. The stories were breathtaking and heartbreaking and funny and deep and universal. We had to pick ten. We are forever grateful to have heard each and every one.

Here they are. Our 2019 Listen To Your Mother cast …

Kristie Stolgitis

Liz Rognes

Debbie Mitchell

Brandy Valdez

Judy Palpant

Amy McGarry

Heather LeRoss

Janet C. Mann

Amanda Oliver

Show day is Sunday, May 12, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. Don’t miss these stories!!

2019 LTYM Audition Announcement

Dear Friends of LTYM,

When Stacey and I sat down to update the audition poster for this year we had to take a minute and count backwards. This was what, the seventh show? Maybe the eighth? Wrong wrong and, much like parenting, time is slipping by and all the kids are growing up while we somehow remain, in our minds at least, the same as ever. We are thrilled to announce that auditions for the NINTH annual Listen To Your Mother Spokane will be (by appointment only) held on February 16th at the Downtown Library.


It has been quite a year for both of our families with struggles, failures and triumphs.

Our households grew: some of us added children, others a Leopard Gecko and a hamster named Creampuff. You decide who the better citizen of humanity is.

Breakthroughs were made: we took our annual end of year tubing trip and Stacey uttered words I never thought I would hear: “I am actually not freezing right now.” If you know Stacey you know that unless she is in the direct sun and close to the Equator she is usually cold, so this was quite a declaration.

Middle School was entered: our three eldest trapsed into the next phase of their lives with complaints and zits and body odor, with insights, with passions their with the hopes (of their parents) that they all move out of the house in the next 5-8 years.

As the kids grow and daily life reorients to thoughts of careers and futures with less time making sure no one is eating legos, we have begun to think about the future of LTYM in Spokane and while no decisions have been made and this will NOT be out last year, well, let’s just say that if you have been putting off auditioning for “another year or two until I’m ready” STOP. Do it this year. For reals.

You have the date. You have the details. (And if you don’t just head over to the “auditions” section of our website”). You have a story. We can’t wait to hear it!

LTYM 2018 Cast Announcement!

Well, it finally happened.  For eight years, Stacey and I have promised each auditioner a decision within one week.  This year, for the first time, we couldn't get it done.  We heard so many stories this year that left us breathless, stunned or chortling that we needed more time to make final decisions. Everyone who auditioned was gracious and understanding in giving us a few extra days and we are deeply grateful.  We want to send a heartfelt thank you to every person who walked through the library doors to share their stories with us and we are thrilled to announce our LTYM 2018 cast:

Power to the Poetry will open our 2018 show followed by readings from:

Ashley Potter

Catherine Henze

Cindy Hval

Jennafer White

Joni Elizabeth

Julie Riddle

Krysann Sedberry

Meg Martens

Rachael Baldwin

Rachel Luttrull

Shelley Northern

Congratulations to the 2018 Listen To Your Mother Spokane cast!  Please check back here or follow us on Facebook to get updates on ticket sales and show day information.  We will see you at the Bing on Mother's Day!


Audition Announcement for LTYM Spokane 2018

It's that time of year - the snow is falling, the holidays are over and unless you really and truly love to snow camp (and come on, how many of you can there possibly be!?) you may be questioning your choice to call our Great Pacific Northwest "home".  Fear not!  We have a reason for you to get out of bed, even though it's cold and dark.


Auditions for the 8th annual Listen To Your Mother Spokane will be held on Saturday, March 3rd.   

  • Want to know more about auditioning?  Take a look at the audition info below and on the Creativity Spokane website. 
  • Still have questions or need encouragement?  Listentoyourmotherspokane@gmail.com.  We are here for encouragement and support and will do all we can to make sure you are excited, comfortable and READY to audition!
  • Ready to do it?  Don't put it off and let your nerves get the best of you - fill out the audition request form and throw your name in the hat!
  • Not your year to audition?  We get it. We would love to see you at the show and will appreciate you forever if you give a friend who you know has a story to tell (and we all have those) a nudge and the audition info.


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